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Modern Work by a Modern Girl

This article was written as a part of Maika’s High School Journalism 120 Class.

“I’ve thought about selling my art for a while but I lacked the confidence,” Says budding mixed-media artist Kylie Vienneau about her her work.

“Especially since we’re our own worst critics. I often thought my work wasn’t good enough to be bought, that I constantly needed to work on my skill and improve. But I do that as I work, and sell commissions. There is constant growth.”

Art is all about growth, of course, but it’s a barrier that many new creators come across. The unknown. The next step. Anyone can create, after all, but selling your works? Putting your name out there as a creator? That’s the kind of stuff that makes or breaks an artist. But she believes she’s ready. In recent years Vienneau’s been branching out beyond the personal in her artistry, moving past simple commissions for friends and family. She’s finally ready to put a plan into action and make a name for herself in the modern art scene.

Vienneau plans to create a variety of her works available, such as, “Commissions, pencil drawings, paintings, portraits, and so forth… For example they can commission me to paint a portrait of their family or I can market original works… I’ve already sold a few commissions.”

She is prepared for modern-day business as an artist, no less. It’s just fact – to make it big as a creator it’s almost impossible to go without some kind of online presence. And Vienneau wants to do it right. “The challenge I’ve faced getting started is growing a steady and reliable platform on social media, especially since I haven’t posted anything yet. I’m still researching how to properly gain customer attention.”

Even though it poses new challenges in gaining awareness, she also understands the need for art to adapt alongside our societies. “I 100% believe art is a valuable tool for communication in the modern world as its always been, especially since art is constantly evolving,” She says.

“For example we can easily agree that paintings are considered art but now that we’re entering a technologically dominant age, we could probably refer to a lot of modern videogames as art. A mass population communicating and digging in depth into the art, whether its in painting, writing, or even digital form will always be a valuable tool.”

But the press of the future aside, Kylie is satisfied with her growth as an artist. Who she is at her core. “I just want to make art for those who enjoy it and appreciate the time, effort, and love put into the work.”

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