Maika E. Branch releases a second edition of her youth fantasy novel
Calagarmii Cliffs

Moncton, NB (February 25, 2020) – The young M,,oncton author Maika E. Branch has come a long way launching her first youth fantasy novel, Calagarmii Cliffs, in 2014, at only 11 years of age. She now has two books under her belt and regularly gives workshops and talks on writing to kids and students across the province.

This Saturday, February 29, 2020, Maika will launch the second edition to Calagarmii Cliffs at the Café Bistro C’est La Vie in Moncton (795, Main Street). The event begins at 4 pm, is free, and all are welcome! Maika will read excerpts of her book and answer questions from the public.

“This story has undeniably changed my life, says the author of Calagarmii Cliffs, a story that began to take shape after a school trip to The Hopewell Rocks. From those first days of imagining this magical world, to putting my ideas on paper and actually getting to publish a book, it was quite an exhilarating adventure! I cannot imagine my life without this book and the ways being an author has changed me.”

The legendary Calagarmii Cliffs is the perfect place for exploration. Full of plants and animals not seen anywhere else in the world, the cliffs are truly a unique place. When on a school field trip Emma and Kaila, two average school-aged girls, sneak off to explore on their own, they soon find themselves lost in a new world.

The second edition of Calgarmii Cliffs is published independently. The author has added her own illustrations at the beginning of each chapter. The book is dedicated to the readers.

Maika-Evelyn Branch resides in Moncton, NB, where she attends school. Her first book, Calagarmii Cliffs, started out as a personal summer project she wrote at age ten. First published independently by Redemption House Publishing in 2014 the book has sold to date over 1,000 copies. Her second novel Sisters of Serenah, a fiction fantasy for young adults was launched in 2016.

Due to the success of her books, as well as to her on-stage presence, Maika is often called upon as a motivational speaker for small and large audiences. She also offers creative writing coaching for children and preteens. Since being accepted in the Writers in the Schools Program (a joint project by the NB Department of Education and the Writer’s Federation of NB), she presents workshops in elementary and middle schools across the province.